March Young Hero

Ms. Emma Polyukhovich

Our March hero is Emma Polyukhovich. Emma is an active member of her NH community and attends Pinkerton Academy, where she is an AP honors student.

Over the past two years, Emma has volunteered more than 250 hours supporting relief for her native country of Ukraine. She has organized and held several fundraisers, hosted raffles and donation drives raising more than $15,000 in donations and collecting more than 2,000 pounds of humanitarian relief.

Emma has worked with multiple non-profits including the "Common Man for Ukraine”, “Dobro” and “Give Help Kyiv”, an organization based in Kyiv.

Through these efforts, Emma has been able to provide thousands of dollars of baby supplies, winter clothing and food packages for the elderly living in Ukraine.

In addition, Emma is an accomplished dancer and holds the distinction of representing the State of New Hampshire as Miss Capital Area's Teen 2024.

Meet Emma