About Primary Bank

New Hampshire is successful as a state because of a strong community of small and medium-sized businesses. This core keeps all aspects of the state strong, independent, and resilient.
We started a local commercial bank because we witnessed the loss of community banks, and the rise of large, out-of-state banks. Only local community banks can and will protect our business community in New Hampshire. After all, behind every successful business there is an internal team of entrepreneurs supported by an external team of resources.
With a strong entrepreneurial spirit ourselves, when we see a problem, we solve it. We are responsible for building and maintaining a favorable business environment in the state and providing opportunities for our clients which drives everyone’s success.

Mission Statement

Primary Bank, a locally owned, entrepreneurial bank, is committed to serving the financial needs of our communities and delivering a better banking experience.

Vision Statement

By 2022, Primary Bank will be recognized as the leading choice of banking services for clients to whom ‘local’ matters.

The Primary Bank Promise

- We will always work to perpetuate a culture that encourages small business success.
- We start with ‘yes’ and go to great lengths to support the needs of the business community.
- We will always be innovative in client services.