Primary Bank Gives Back

Supporting Community Service

The Primary Bank Young Hero Scholarship

For their remarkable commitment to volunteerism, a dozen exceptional high school students from across Southern New Hampshire have been awarded scholarships by Primary Bank. These young individuals have gone above and beyond to make a tangible difference in their communities and schools, embodying the spirit of altruism and compassion.

The Primary Bank Young Hero Scholarship has been a monthly award throughout 2023 that recognizes the outstanding efforts of selfless, committed young New Hampshire residents. Developed to promote volunteerism, this program highlights the remarkable stories of these students who have become shining stars in their communities. The scholarships not only support these students in their educational journey, but also encourage others to engage in acts of kindness and service. The recipients prove that small actions can lead to big impacts and their stories serve to inspire all of us.

The scholarship pool of nearly $25,000 is divided into 12 monthly awards of $1,000, a “People’s Choice” award of $2,500, and a “Young Hero of the Year” award of an additional $10,000. These scholars are not only exceptional in their community efforts, but also have managed to maintain outstanding academic records. Their ability to balance their academic responsibilities with their commitment to service underscores their strong work ethic and determination.

Meet the Primary Bank Young Heroes

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